Idaho Diversity Network—Leadership Team

Idaho EPSCoR
Sarah Penney
Program Manager - Diversity, Outreach, and Education

Boise State Univ
Donna Llewellyn
Executive Director, Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives

Boise State Univ
Catherine Bates
STEM Diversity & LSAMP Coordinator, Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives

Idaho State Univ
Sonia Martinez
Diversity and Outreach Coordinator

Idaho State Univ
Dr. Barbara Wood Roberts
Graduate School Technical Editor; Director, ISU Intercultural Competence Lab; ISU Dept Psychology, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Univ of Idaho
Dr. Melinda Davis
Director of STEM Education

Univ of Idaho
Dr. Karla Eitel
Director of Education, McCall Outdoor Science School

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Network Members

Boise State University (BSU):

Liljana Babinkostova, Associate Professor ICUR
Catherine Bates, STEM Diversity/LSAMP Coordinator
Donna Llewellyn, Executive Director, Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives
Gregory Martinez, Director TRIO College Programs
Francisco Salinas, Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion
Tasha Souza, Associate Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning

Idaho EPSCoR:

Sarah Penney, Diversity, Outreach and Communications Coordinator
Maria S. Horta Vorse, Financial Administrator

Idaho State University (ISU):

Julie Bachman, Grants Compliance Analyst/EPSCoR Coordinator
Henry Evans, Assistant Director AA/EO/Diversity
Sonia Martinez, Diversity & Outreach Coordinator – STEM
Amanda Eakins, Associate Director of Operations, ISU Graduate School

University of Idaho (UI):

Evelina Arevalos, Assistant Director, CAMP program
Yolanda Bisbee, Executive Director of Tribal Relations
Teresa Cohn, Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and Society
Karla Eitel, Director of Education, McCall Outdoor Science School
Melinda Davis, Director, STEM Education
Jesse Martinez, Director of Office of Multicultural Affairs
Kirsten LaPaglia, Director STEM Access
Sammy Matsaw, Doctoral Student, IGERT Water Resources Program
Lysa Salsbury, Director of Women's Center
Sydel Samuels, Director of Native American Student Center

Idaho 2-4 Year Colleges:

Keegan Schmidt, EPSCoR Ambassador/Faculty in Earth Science, Lewis Clark State College
Bob Sobotta Jr, EPSCoR Ambassador/Native American & Minority Student Advisor, Lewis Clark State College



Join the Network

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